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Culture Revolution

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get ready to - make a stand get ready to - make a stand cause if - we don't- fuckin' - do it then no one's going to! no! have you seen the scene on the street? do you care what's - going on? thousands - homeless - in the land of the free but no one seems to think it's wrong! that's why we fuckin'wrote this song take to the streets - cause it's time to make a stand we're not gonna back down! (we're talking...) culture revolution! this ship is sinking - it's time we set it right when the standards of - society are based - solely on greed humanity - compassion - do not define what it means to succeed! no! for the poor - contempt and hate from the rich - middle class, the state compassion - dumped for - apathy the greatest nation ever seen? that's fuckin' real hard to beleive... socialized - socialized, mechanized - mechanized to consume... everything in the world saturate - saturate, accumulate - accumulate your happiness... can be bought and be sold environment - environment, detriment - detriment is not... an issue of concern humanity - humanity, or this insanity - insanity the choice is yours, and your choice alone but you won't be alone no, you won't be alone... YEAH! revolution! on the street! in your head! move!

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