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How Have You Been

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you could always hear the rub squeaking
of those two tree limbs
'til one day one of them came down
taken down by the wind
but on the one that's still there
you can still see where the bark was
rubbed bare
it's a metaphor if you know what I mean
how have you been?

me and you
and your girlfriend makes three
in the interest of even numbers
I will make myself scarce
I will make myself scarcely me
but I'll be outside your window at night
pull up your shades
leave on your light
I don't want to come in between
I just want to know
how have you been

I leave for a living
music's just something I do
on my way out the door
and I'd do almost anything once
something about you
I think I'd do you more
if I had my way I'd stay here
and watch your hair grow for a while
it makes me smile just to dream of it
how have you been

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