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Bone 2 Pic (Wit U)

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Ali Shaheed, on the mix
Kickin' it with Angie Stone
Uh, Take it back, take it back

Tell me what is up with you
Heard you got a brand new crew
Spending money like you rich
Tryin' to keep up with your bitch

Seems somewhere you lost your soul
Cuz you forgot the debt you owe
Left me hanging out to dry
But all the time I'll tell you why

[1] - Cuz I got a bone to pick with you
Ain't nothing new under the sun
And I got a talk to have with you
So baby, if it fits
Then wear the shoe

Now baby I tried my best to see
I'm stackin' the odds at one to three
I'm givin' the benefit to you
Meanwhile I'm losing all access to you

And baby you played me like a fool
Caressing me softly with a boo
You're feeding me lovin' lies for food
I'm waiting for one moment of truth

[Repeat 1]

You don't like this love I'm givin'
Boy don't fake the feelin'
Keep it real with me
You're living too fast
And all around you's movin' slow, so slow
It's better to keep it cool
Than blow it just for show
So hold onto love if you can remember it

And somewhere you lost your soul
Cuz you forgot the debt you owed
You left me hanging out to dry
But all the time I'll tell you why

[Repeat 1]

Baby there's something you should know
Whatever deed you plant will grow
But nothing will interrupt it's flow
You only get out just what you give
Together it's not all negative
Beware of how you live

See it makes no sense to me, babe

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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