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(Stop That) Bitchin'


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Stop naggin' girl, you just shut-up!
Always on my case bout how I spend my dough up.
The only reason that I'm here still with u
coz' I love u,
But why u wanna know what I get up 2?
Ever had a girl don't trust what u do,
It's the same everyday like a deja vu,
C it's easy, if u wanna please me,
All u gotta do is keep u'r lips sealed girl,
Take it easy.

Always on about what I did,
Where I was at, who I was with...
Can I get a remedy?
Got a head full of this girl sweatin' me.

U better stop that bitchin',
Girl u gotta listen,
Coz' I ain't gonna take it no more.
U'r on a star just wishing,
So babe I'm on a mission,
Yo check my definition of love.

Well lemme let u that
...u sound like a horse girl,
What u expect, of course girl.
I'm gonna wanna need a little time,
Am I crazy?
Damn I used to think u was fine.
Now all u do is all day, same old,
Tellin' all u'r friends I'm a lame-o.
Let's get it right girlfriend from dot,
U always sayin' why, I'm sayin' why not?



Damn, why u always gotta moan?
Even in the studio, when I'm on the phone?
U crackin' me up, yo leave me alone!
Yo I had about enough now, get u'r ass home.

Talk about my car
My house, my dog, my mouth...
My rhymes , ... damn near everything I do .
(Yo what about your friends?)
Yeah even them too

Coz I never know who your with
Never tell me 'bout what you did
Tell me what your waiting for
Had enough but I still wanna give you more


Talk about my hair
My clothes, my teeth, my toes
The PS2 that I play all day ...
Well I'm a play it anyway
Know what? I ain't gonna lie
Your starting to really **** me off man


[CHORUS x 3]

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