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Writing a song is not difficult if you follow a few simple steps. That's why we created a website that will give you the tools and the knowledge to write your own songs.

The best songs have been written by ordinary people...Are you crazy about music?

Are you a songwriter dying to get your compositions published and recorded?

On this website you will find articles, resources, step-by-step tutorials and software that can kickstart your musical career in very little time.

The authors of this website share years of combined experience, and its free for your perusal. Millions of records with their music have been sold across the world.

Click here now to find out how to write your own song.

We also have tools that can help you become a succesful musician. For example the free piano lessons. You can start making your own music by learning the key concepts of piano playing in no time at all.

Some talented song writers never get the opportunity to showcase their work because they can only write the words and not the music. But that will change soon.

We're in the process of developing new software that can be used by anyone to compose and write their own music. Even if you can't play an instrument, you'll be able to create complete songs. The program generates the backtrack for you and all you have to do is sing the melody and write the words.

Does that sound good? Bookmark this website now... the software will be available soon.

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