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Here you can find the lyric for popular songs that are now playing all over the world. If you're a musician that wants to learn more about writing a song lyric you've come to the right place.

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A list of some excellent lyrics resources where you can search and find the words for almost any song:

Pure Lyrics Advanced Search
Search the web for lyrics using this advanced search tool. Refine your search using the artist's name, song title and/or words from the song.

A unique lyrics site that not only lists the words to a song but also tells you a little bit of trivia about how the song was written or what it means. The alphabetical index and search tool list songs by title. All sorts of songs are listed here, not just current chart toppers.

Lyric Kingdom Pop Music
An excellent listing of lyrics by artist, album or song. Search the database, use the index page or find your lyrics by album cover. Focus is on the current top 40 pop, rock and R&B bands.

Dak's Top 25 Lyrics
Direct links to the lyrics of the current top 25 pop songs. Updated weekly according to U.S. pop charts. Includes a searchable database of song lyrics and an alphabetical listing of lyrics by artist.

HitListBoy's Lyrics Page
A master list of lyrics by artist. Only includes lyrics to the artist's most poular songs but has listings for many hard to find young latin artists.

Hip-Hop & Rap Lyrics
A complete listing of lyrics to past and present R&B, rap and hip-hop lyrics. New songs added weekly. Check out the newest additions or search the site for a specific song by artist or song title. From the Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive.

A-Z Lyrics
An index of lyrics to current top 40 and popular songs listed by artist. Navigate the site using the alphabet bar at the top of the page or find lyrics for a specific song using the search box. Also, add new lyrics or correct existing entries.

Leo's Lyrics - Words from Song Search
Know the chorus to a song or a catchy phrase but aren't sure of the artist or title? Try searching Leo's word or phrase database. The more detailed your phrase the more accurate your return. A very complete lyrics collection.

Leo's Lyrics - Artist or Title Search
Search Leo's database using an artist's name, the song title or a combination of both. Find the exact version of a song that your favorite artist sings. A very complete lyrics collection.

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