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Australian Idols

Practical tips that will help you to win the Australian Idols competition. These tips are applicable to all other singing competitions as well.

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australian idols competition tips

Australian Idols Audition Tips 

Develop a strong image for your act - whether it's clothes / hair, a dance routine, your stage act or your personalities within the band, the pop biz is one of THE most image conscious industries in the world. 

Think what would appeal to your fans. If you're a heavy metal band, it's no use looking like a boy band ! Pop acts are designed to appeal to a teen or pre teen [under 14] audience so think what would appeal to that age group.

canadian idols tipsKeep control of your thought process. You must do all you can to prevent any negative thoughts from entering or remaining in your mind.

Always Be Prepared.

Be well rehearsed.

Be in good physical condition.

Remember being Nervous or anxious means you care.
Note: Care needs to be taken to not allow anxiety and nerves to take control.

A little apprehension is actually very good.  It improves your reflexes and increases Your ability.

fear is not good.
F=False e=Expectations A=Appearing R=Real

don't deny your fears, but learn to manage its symptoms.

When you feel nervous get physical.  Do some exercises or light physical  work.

drink plenty of water to keep your body and vocal folds well lubricated.

watch your breathing and Remember not to shallow breathe.  Do plenty of deep breathing exercises and low pitch vocal exercises.  Gradually increase range and volume without over doing it.

Remember how you walk in and walk out of the auditions.

Be mindful of this check list:

  • How are you carrying yourself?
  • Are you smiling confidently? 
  • Are the clothes you're wearing matching your personality?
  • Do you ooze professionalism? 

It doesn't matter if you agree or not, they will make a judgment on whether or not they like you based on these points even before you open your mouth.

If things do go wrong in the audition, don't panic.  Pause and take command of your thoughts immediately.   

If you need to, don't be afraid to speak to the auditors and tell them how you are feeling without sounding over apologetic.  

Also, in the event of an obvious, near earth shattering error: 

  1. relax

  2. calm down

  3. pause

  4. take some deep breaths

  5. regain your thoughts, control them and make them 100% positive 

  6. tell them you're going to do it again (Not try and do it again) and give it your best shot

Note: You can only do this if you are really good and you're well rehearsed.  otherwise constant errors in your performance due to lack of preparation and talent will make you fall foul of your audience.

Published with permission from Patrick Jean-Paul-Denis.

He is a MOBO Award Nominee, Highly Skilled In Developing Your Voice, Your Self Esteem, And Helping You Sing With Confidence. Info at:  www.1stAttitudeSingers.co.uk

Please tell a friend about these Australian Idols Tips and make sure he or she has a better chance of winning!

Australian Idols Tips have been provided by Easy-song-writing.com.

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Australian Idols audition tips provided by Easy-song-writing.com
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