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Did you know that simply by linking to us from your website or email, you stand a very good change of winning a free copy of Easy Songwriter?

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How does it work?

  • All you need to do is copy the code below into your web page.

    If you link to us from your homepage you stand an even  better change of winning, because more people will click through to the competition.
  • When a visitor participates in the competition, his details are captured and linked to your refer ID (domain name). We will contact your through your website when you are a winner.
  • If you don't have a website, but a lot of friends, you can also participate. Copy the following link into an email and send it to all your friends (Replace XXX with your email address).

    Tell them about the competition and challenge them to participate.

    Important: You should only send this email to your friends. We have a very strict anti-spam policy and people sending out unsolicited messages to each and everybody will be banned from the competition.

    Email Link:

  • You are a winner when anybody that clicked though from your website or email, wins the monthly competition.

A better chance of winning!

You have a better chance of winning than anybody that participates in the competition.

For instance, if 100 people click though from your website / email and participate in the competition, you have 100 chances of winning. Compare that to the average visitor without a website who only has one chance of winning when he participates!

Important: Participants do not have to worry. The prizes allocated to people helping us to promote the competition are over and above the normal prizes that are given to participants.

When we give away these prizes it does not affect your chance of winning the competition in any way.

Here's what you must do...

Step 1. Put the following link on your site:

Songwriting Competition!
An exiting new songwriting competition has just been launched at Easy-song-writing.com. Fantastic prizes can be won and a new winner is announced every month! 

You can even download an amazing new software tool to write the song - without playing an instrument!

Check it out - this is so cool everybody talks about it!

Here is the code that you must copy to your web page:

Step 2. Change the XXX characters in the link to your domain or email address (e.g. www.domain.com) so that we know where to contact you if you are a winner.

Step 3. Send an email to support just to let us know that you have linked to us.

Each month after the competition winner is announced, we will announce the winner. If the winner was referred from your website, we will contact you to send you the prize.

We will also link back to your website on the page where the winners are announced.

It's as simple as that.

Do it now, you could be a winner soon!


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