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Radio Commercial Competition

The purpose of the competition is to stimulate creativity and build a songwriting community where every music lover can participate. 

We want to show you how easy it is to write songs, using the Easy Songwriter program.

Website owners read this to find out how you can also win a free copy just by linking to this competition!

What to do

Step 1 
the FREE Version 1.2 (or later) of Easy Songwriter.

Easy Songwriter is a computer program that makes it possible for anyone to write a song - even if they can't play an instrument. It follows a step-by-step approach and automatically generates the background music. 

Step 2  
Create and record a 30 second radio commercial using Easy Songwriter.  

Easy Songwriter 1.2 also includes the backtrack that is going to be the basis of your radio commercial. 

All you need to do is write the lyrics and record the melody following the step-by-step instructions. If you're not a good singer you can only record a talking voice. 

It is very easy to add some sound effects, for instance a ringing telephone, to juice up your commercial.

Tip: Easy Songwriter has a very good help file to guide you step-by-step through the song writing process. 

Step 3
Send your Demo recording to the address below.

A new winner will be announced every month. The first competition starts 1 December 2003. 

Each winner receives: 

  • A free fully licensed version of the Easy Songwriter software (Value $69).
  • A free software program that you can use to convert audio files to different formats, e.g. Copy your CDs to your computer in MP3 format. (Some companies charge up to $39 for other similar applications)
  • A library with hundreds of popular Midi files that can be used as backtracks when you create new Demo recordings. These midi files have been selected because they are of excellent quality (Value $50).

What to advertise

You may advertise any product or service of your choice. For example, if you want to put some humor in your ad, you can advertise your grandfather's old shoes, a trip to Las Vegas (on your friend's old run-down bicycle), etc. 

This is a fun competition and we're not going to use the commercials for anything. Be creative, be original...

What to send us

You must include ALL the following information in your submission:

  1. A text file (Notepad) that includes:

    1. Contact details: (Name, email, telephone)

    2. A 10 line paragraph about yourself, e.g. (what you do for a living, your musical interests, etc.)

    3. Three to five lines describing your experience with Easy Songwriter - What do you like about the program? You may also add some suggestions that will help us to improve the program.
  2. A recent head and shoulders photo of yourself
  3. Your demo recording created with Easy Songwriter (yourSong.wav).

    Tip: Click on 'Help' in Easy Songwriter for detailed instructions for creating a demo.

Copy everything onto CD and send to the address below:

Easy Songwriting Competition
Qualitone Multimedia Cc
PO Box 9754 
South Africa

It could take up to 3 weeks for your submission to reach us by Airmail, so hurry!

Rules of the competition

  • You MUST use the Free Easy Songwriter Version to create your commercial.
  • Any person may enter - no age, gender or race restrictions.
  • By entering into this competition you give us permission to publish your name, photo and demo recording on Easy-song-writing.com without compensation. We will only publish the names of the winners. 
  • You may enter more than once, but each commercial must be mailed separately.
  • Incomplete submissions not including all the required information will be disqualified.
  • The decision of the judges are final and no further correspondence, either by email or telephone will be conducted.
  • By entering you acknowledge that you've read, understood and agreed to the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Other Information

Winners are chosen from entries received during the current month of the competition. 

If your entry does not reach us before the last day of the month, it will automatically be entered into the following month's competition.

Winners for each month will be notified by email on the 15th day following the current month's competition. 

Looking forward to receiving your submission.

Let's have fun!

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