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How to advertise

Easy-song-writing.com offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to reach a huge global audience while targeting music lovers all over the world. Our visitors include songwriters, musicians and other enthusiastic people with a keen interest in music.

With a click-through rate of twice the industry average, the cost of advertising with Easy-song-writing.com is of the lowest on the Internet.


We currently receive approximately 12000 page impressions or  5000 to 6000 unique visitors per day

That's a total of at least 360 000 page impressions per month.

Easy-song-writing.com is one of the top 3 songwriting websites in the world and it can be confirmed through an independent authority, Alexa.xom

Our visitors statistics are tracked by an independent authority.

Prices have been reduced for a limited period. We reserve the right to increase prices
at any time unless we  receive a confirmed order.

The following 2 options are available. ;

1. Premium Ad

468 X 60 banner strategically located above the fold for maximum exposure. Above the fold means the banner will be visible without scrolling down in your browser. (See banner specifications below and banner ad at the top of this page.)

Cost: This package includes one month's advertising (150 000 unique visitors (Approx. 360 000 page impressions) at a cost of $700 ($1.90 per 1000 impressions).

2. Value Ad

You may also purchase a smaller banner (120 X 60) that will be visible in the right hand navigation panel of each page. (See banner specifications below)

Example: 120 X 60 banner

Cost: This package includes one month's advertising (150 000 unique visitors (Approx. 360 000 page impressions) at a cost of $350 ($0.97 per 1000 impressions).

When can I start?

Advertising dates must be confirmed with support before you place an order.

How to order?

The fastest and most secure way to order is directly online. Your monthly statement will reflect payment to 'CLICKBANK.Com', or "2CO.COM", (2CheckOut.com Inc), our authorized agents.

All Credit Cards Accepted, including: Amex, Bravo, Discovery, Eurocard, JCB, Mastercard, MasterDebit, Novus, Visa, VisaDebit.

To order any of the advertising packages you must follow these steps:

1. Place an order online with your credit card by clicking on any of the ordering links above. Contact support to book an advertising campaign before you order.

2. Send us an email that includes the following:

  • The relevant images, banners that should be used in your advertisement.
  • The URL where we must re-direct visitors when they click on your banner.

Do not forget to send us the relevant information. We need this at least 7 days before your ad goes live!

Advertising Sales - Specifications:

Premium  Banner Ad Size: 468 X 60 (12.0K maximum size)
Value  Banner Ad Size: 120 X 60 (7.0K maximum size)

Formats Accepted: .gif .jpg .html
Transparent .gif encouraged on tiles (background hex color #FFFFFF)

Colors: 256 max (128 recommended)
Transparency encouraged on tiles (background hex color #FFFFFF)


Acceptance policy:

Easy-song-writing.com reserves the right to accept or decline any request for advertising. We reserve the right to restrict advertising that does not meet the above criteria or causes aesthetic dissonance within the network.

NOTE: We do not accept offensive advertisements.

Feedback  We aim to provide impeccable customer service and a high quality product
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